Weekly Lists > B/21/0091/CD1

Reference B/21/0091/CD1
Location Red House Farm, Main Road, Brothertoft, Boston, PE20 3SW
Proposal Application to have details approved relating to Conditions 5 (Enhancement Measures), C9 (Electric Vehicle Charging Points), C10 (External Materials), C11 (Pollution Reduction Measures) and C12 (Contaminated Land Investigation) of approval B/21/0091 (Proposed change of use of existing agricultural building to residential dwelling)
Received On 25/05/2021
Type Discharge of Condition
Decision Condition Discharge/details acceptable
Decision Date20/07/2021
ApplicantH Robinson & Son
AgentOrigin Design Studio Ltd
Parish Brothertoft Parish Council
Case Officer Grant Fixter


Name Date Download
Application Form 25/05/2021
Environmental Risk Assessment 25/05/2021
J1751-BR-06 A01 Proposed Elevations 25/05/2021
SUPERSEDED J1751-PL-07 P01 Proposed Site Plan 25/05/2021
Imperial Brick Wall 26/05/2021
Imperial Brick 26/05/2021
Material Composition 26/05/2021
Condition 10 Reclamation Declaration of Performance 01/06/2021
Condition 10 Reclamation Bricks Technical Information 01/06/2021
Condition 10 Sandtoft Neo technical Information Sheet 01/06/2021
Condition 11 Air Source Heat Pump Information 01/06/2021
Condition 11 Ground Source Heat Pump Information Sheet 01/06/2021
Condiiton 12 Preliminary Environmental Risk Assessment 01/06/2021
Condition 5 Ecology and Protected Species Survey 01/06/2021
Condition 5 Habitat Bat Box (Habibat Bat Box 003) 01/06/2021
Condition 9 Pod Point Solo Unit Installation Guide 01/06/2021
Condition 9 Solo Smart Charger - Domestic Information Sheet 01/06/2021
Condition 9 Solo Smart Charger - Domestic User Guide 01/06/2021
Condition 10 Materials Rev A01/ 27/05/2021 01/06/2021
Condition 11 Sustainability Rev A01/ 27/05/2021 01/06/2021
Condition 12 Contamination Rev A01/ 27/05/2021 01/06/2021
Condition 9 Electrical Charging Rev A01/ 27/05/2021 01/06/2021
J1751-PL-03 Rev P03 Proposed Floor Plan 01/06/2021
J1751-PL-04 Rev P03 Proposed Elevations 1 of 3 01/06/2021
J1751-PL-05 Rev P04 Proposed Elevations 2 of 3 01/06/2021
J1751-PL-06 Rev P04 Proposed Elevations 3 of 3 01/06/2021
J1751-PL-07 Rev P02 Proposed Site Plan 01/06/2021
Condition 12 Site Investigation & Remediation Statement 21/06/2021
Condition 5 Landscaping Rev A01/ 27/05/2021 20/07/2021
Planning Officer Report 20/07/2021
Decision 20/07/2021


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